Our People

 Q2 2019: Increasing diversity

We are looking to attract more women to the traditionally male-dominated industry of truck driving and have been actively involved with Women in Road Transport to support this.

Shiree Boereboom is a great example of a woman who has made driving a successful career and recently featured in the Women in Road Transport newsletter and Facebook page. Shiree has been with Waste Management for 11 years, collecting organics, rubbish and recycling waste streams, driving Iveco and Hino trucks, and adapting to the many changes in lifting equipment and advancements in technology. She is currently a valued member of the Christchurch City Council Kerbside Collections Team.

Shiree Boereboom 2


Q1 2019: Implement wellbeing initiatives to address specific identified issues

Waste Management’s Human Resources team has partnered with Vitality Works to identify a range of well-being initiatives and include them in our company-wide monthly toolbox talks. These talks have included topics such as how to reduce the risk of diabetes and the benefits of regular exercise.

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