Our Customers

Q4 2019:  Improving customer experience

Our digital solutions continue to provide customers with a better experience in managing their waste and recycling.

More than 4,400 residents have signed up for the Waimakariri and Queenstown Lakes district councils digital solution, with almost 4,000 texts are sent every week to remind customers of their collections. Go Build, our self-service web app for building and construction customers, continues to grow with close to 800 orders placed to date.

Q3 2019:  Improving customer experience

Our state-of-the-art landfill and energy parks capture high levels of the methane gas produced (more than 95%), and have been audited by Enviro-Mark. Enviro-Mark  has now pre-loaded the CEMARS® system with Waste Management’s emission factors - which are 51% lower than the Ministry for the Environment’s emission factors. For our customers who are also CEMARS® members, with sites located in Auckland and Christchurch, this can mean a 51% reduction in their waste to landfill emissions. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us on sustainability@wastemanagement.co.nz.

Q2 2019: Improving customer experience

GoBuild has been successfully launched to a small number of our customers! We are now looking to expand this online booking and ordering service for our building and construction customers, who we know are always pressed for time, much more widely. Providing digital self-service means we can provide updates on any changes to services and we can easily manage their deliveries, exchanges and removals for any bin at any site across New Zealand.  

We have also launched a new website for residents where we provide regular council services – Queenstown and Waimakariri. The website lets residents know their specific collection details, get text and e-mail reminders and includes information on what waste types can go into each bin. Already we have over 1,400 residents in Queenstown and 650 in Waimakariri signed-up to receive regular reminders.

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Q1 2019: Empowering customers with information

Providing greater transparency to our customers is a key focus for Waste Management. We know data is important to be able to make informed decisions, and we are working hard to partner with customers to help them better understand the waste they create and then design programmes to achieve their sustainability goals.

To support this, from 1 January 2019 Waste Management no longer uses average or assumed weights in its reporting to commercial customers.

To achieve this, we have invested in our trucks, scales, IT systems and training of our people to provide actual recorded weights every time we lift a front loader bin or a wheelie bin serviced on a rear loader truck. This enables our customers to accurately and fully understand the waste they are generating or recycling, and set accurate targets to achieve sustainable waste minimisation goals

 Matched weight success

 Matched weight success