Our Community

Q4 2019: Regenerating our communities

Kate Valley Landfill and Energy Park is currently visited by a number of bellbirds and kereru. In order to increase this biodiversity of our native species, pest trapping has been instigated in Tiromoana Bush near Christchurch for the first time. Since October the traps have caught 73 possums, 12 stoats, 61 weasels, 39 hedgehogs, 15 ship rats and 17 mice, 2 rabbits and there has been an increase in tui sightings already.  

Q3 2019: Regenerating our communities

To better engage the wider community, Waste Management has expanded our social media presence into Facebook. It enables us to share our sustainability news, as well as give service alerts and respond directly to customers through another communication channel.

Q1 2019: Regenerating our communities

We are continuing our support for Motutapu Island in the Hauraki Gulf by providing another hundred and fifty six 40L bags of free organic compost to the Motutapu. Trust during the first quarter of 2019. This is supporting the regeneration of the island, enabling the return of native flora and fauna to the island. Learn more here. 

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