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Q2 2019: Identifying solutions for problem waste streams

We have worked hard to form strategic partnerships with local onshore solutions for scrap plastic and now sell approximately 70% of plastics we process to New Zealand customers. For example, international markets for plastic film declined over the past few years and we have worked locally to encourage a market here in New Zealand. We are pleased that there are now three processors here who take plastic film and process it into new or secondary raw materials.

We have also been focusing on reducing recycling contamination with our customers to achieve this. We are really thankful to our customers for the success we are having together, with contamination rates improving, resulting in better recycling recovery rates for us all.

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Q1 2019: Reducing carbon through EV Trucks

Our first New Zealand EV Truck conversion was completed last year at our EV Innovation Hub in Auckland and work is being accelerated to convert multiple EV Trucks this year.

Since Christmas three truck chassis have been converted from diesel to electric and are awaiting body installations before joining our truck fleet.


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