Reduce significant injury and fatality incidents

Lead: National HSE Manager

Conduct bowtie risk assessments to identify the causes, preventative safety controls, reactive safely measures and consequence for each of our 13 critical safety risks:
CR1 Collisions, CR2 Exposure to Hazardous Substances, CR3 Insecure Loads, Trucks, Stacks and Storage, CR4 Loss of Control, CR5 Exposure to Uncontrolled Energy, CR6 Electricity/Arc Flash, CR7 Falls from Heights, CR8 Overcome by Fumes or Gases, CR9 Threatening Behaviour, CR10 Drug or Alcohol Impairment, CR11 Fire/Explosion, CR12 Accidental Firearm Discharge, CR13 Drowning

To achieve this we will:
a) 100% completion for all critical risks (by end of 2020)


Lead: National HSE Manager

Educate all managers and supervisors in each bowtie and management of identified critical risks

To achieve this we will:
a) 100% of supervisors and managers trained (by end of 2020)
b) 10% reduction in incidents for identified critical risks (by end of 2025)




UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 New Zealand signed up to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, an overall blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all.

We have identified which UN Sustainable Development Goals we can positively influence and create value for our business and stakeholders under Our People.

UNSDG People

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