Increase diversity and cultural literacy


Lead: National Corporate Services and HR Manager

Develop programmes to increase cultural literacy and diversity across our teams

To achieve this we will:
a) Creation of a diversity committee (by end of 2020)
b) A recurring Māori leaders programme in place, and at least one other diversity or cultural literacy initiative implemented per annum (by end of 2025)

Lead: HR Manager

Measure the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programmes through capturing accurate data from new and existing team members

To achieve this we will:
a) Ethnicity data requested from 100% of new employees (and sought from 50% of existing employees)(by end of 2020)
b) Ethnicity data collected from 100% of employees, tracked and reported year on year(by end of 2025)




UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 New Zealand signed up to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, an overall blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all.

We have identified which UN Sustainable Development Goals we can positively influence and create value for our business and stakeholders under Our People.

UNSDG People

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