Our Customers3

Our Customers

Managing waste and environmental services is an issue of increasing importance to our customers and this was reflected in our materiality assessment. Our customers want to better understand how they and their suppliers can achieve their waste goals effectively and sustainably.

We understand the important role we play in this decision-making, and the projects in this programme are designed to improve the accuracy and usefulness of the information we provide and the effectiveness of the advice we give.

Material issues

Brand Collaboration Consistent excellence Customers as partners Customer experience Transparency

What we are seeking to achieve

• We create a positive experience for all customers and we are transparent and honest about the solutions we can and cannot provide.
• We have reporting and information available for our customers about their waste and environmental services and invest in new ways to improve this.
• We help our customers through easy-to-understand reporting of this data.
• Waste Management works proactively to achieve our customers’ waste goals.
• We seek to partner rather than have transactional relationships with our customers, working together to achieve their sustainability goals and targets.
• We are better collaborators and partner with others to deliver solutions for customers and for our communities.


Sustainability Strategy 

For many years we have understood the critical role we play in safeguarding our future. Our sustainability strategy For Future Generations provides the foundation for our future focus on the sustainability of our company and the communities in which we operate across New Zealand.

Download strategy here