Our Communtites

Our Communities

We operate in nearly every community across New Zealand, providing services and managing waste and environmental services facilities. Our teams work within those communities, supporting the economy and providing essential services.

The key projects in this programme reflect the feedback through the materiality assessment that our communities are wanting to make better choices, but need our help, knowledge and expertise with making the right choices.

Material issues

Communication Community engagement Community investment Education on waste Leadership on waste

What we are seeking to achieve

• We engage proactively with our local communities and raise awareness of how waste and environmental services operate in New Zealand by sharing knowledge that tells the story of waste, including recycling, composting, landfill and speciality waste streams.
• We are a strong communicator and advocate, vocal on waste issues in the public domain by engaging with central and local government and providing leadership in the wider waste industry.
• We invest in local communities, particularly in areas that relate to waste and environmental services, working in partnership with the community.


Sustainability Strategy 

For many years we have understood the critical role we play in safeguarding our future. Our sustainability strategy For Future Generations provides the foundation for our future focus on the sustainability of our company and the communities in which we operate across New Zealand.

Download strategy here